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Hi, I'm Katherine!

 I started working as a speech and language therapist in 1997.  I've worked for the NHS, charities and independently in the UK and in Kenya.  I now live in Ely, Cambridgeshire working with children and their families in the local area.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy sessions can take place in your home or in nursery.    Some children work really well with a 'work then reward' system and others need more play based therapy.  I will discuss with you what suits your child and your situation best.  Sessions are usually an hour - this will include time to discuss progress with you and advice.

Group Therapy Sessions

Group sessions can be a cost effective way of meeting your child's therapy needs.  Group sessions work best when children have similar needs and are of similar ages.  If you are running groups, e.g. play groups or support groups and you think speech therapy would be beneficial, please contact me to discuss.  If you have a group of friends and your children have similar needs, that could work too!

Does my child need Independent Speech Therapy?

Independent speech therapy is an obvious answer for some families but for others it may be one of a list of things a child needs so it may not be a priority.  The advantage of independent speech therapy is you get to be in control of when you want sessions, how many you want and if you want a long break from it while you focus on other things!  I will, of course advise you what kind of therapy and how often would be most suitable, but even then, there will always be options we can discuss.



"We're on the waiting list for NHS Therapy"

That's fine - I will work with you until your NHS therapy can start.

"I already have an NHS therapist"

No problem - if you want more therapy than the NHS can offer, that's your choice.  I would liaise with your child's therapist to ensure s/he continues to benefit from both.

"Not sure if my child's speech/language/communication is 'normal'"

You could try looking at websites such as and/or contact me for an assessment

"Nursery/school has mentioned therapy but I'm not sure."

Let's discuss it.  I can assess your child if we agree that would be the most helpful option.

"My child has special needs - I don't want to pay for SLT indefinitely!"

We can discuss working on one target for a limited period of time.  You decide when you want to work on the next.

"My child has been discharged by the NHS - I'm still concerned."

No problem.  We can discuss your concerns and if we agree s/he still needs therapy, we can discuss options.


Initial Assessment:    1 hour assessment with verbal report - £65

                                   1 hour assessment with written report - £100


Individual Therapy

Session:                     1 hour including discussion with carer - £65

                                   40 minutes including discussion          - £45


Group Therapy 

Session:                     charged at £65 per hour


Areas Covered:          within 15 miles of Ely

                                   if outside this area, travel charge may apply

Katherine Storey BSc (Hons), MRSLT, MASLTIP, HCPC registered



Call me to talk over your concerns/needs: 07743 521441 or 01353 611713



KIT Independent

Speech and Language Therapy

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